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Translation agency «ITEL» is a translation company specializing in the translation of technical documentation for Russian enterprises in the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, energetic complex, automobile,  and auto components production industries.

Standards. In its professional activities the translation agency «ITEL» follows the European standard EN 15038 requirments for the quality of translations and ISO 9001 for its quality management system.

Business-processes are built to fully satisfy clients’ need for the linguistic assistance, starting from the negotiations on specific projects, the translation of financial, legal, engineering and construction, technical and technological documentation and finishing with interpretations for the supervision of installation and commissioning of works.

Competence. ITEL have both practical experience and resources to support large projects. With many fulfilled commissions in the various branches of industry. Vast experience working with the documentation of the leading international licensors of technologies and equipment. Careful planning, control of terms and quality of the work. Organized systems of communication with clients and partners. We are able to offer all the benefits of a translation company with international experience.

Translation. Translation agency «ITEL» specializes in the translation of technical documentation of suppliers of equipment and technology for Russian industrial enterprises. Translations are performed by certified translators, accompanied by the obligatory revision marks (specialists in the industrial subject matter) and correctors. The average volume of our translation services is about 3000 standard pages. We guarantee the fulfillment of the commissions within an agreed timeframe, high quality of the translations and confidentiality. The cost of  translation starts from €0.08 per word of the translated text.

Interpretation. The translation agency “ITEL” provides interpreting services for supervision of installation and commissioning works of industrial projects of oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical complex and the car industry throughout all regions Russia. We are ready to provide interpreters, with the work experience in the installation and commissioning of equipment, and automatic control systems. The cost of the interpretation starts from €24 per hour (depending on the duration of and the region of the work).

The excellent quality of our services allow us to provide interpretation at high level and public events, roundtable discussions and negotiations. Costs start from € 2 per hour.

Company nameITEL Group
AddressLenina boulevard 1, 445021 Togliatti, Russia
Telephone+7 (8482) 63-14-06
+7 (8482) 63-14-10
Translation Subject AreasChemistry. Petrochemistry. Car manufacture. Car components. Machine engineering. Power engineering. Finances. Jurisprudence
Interpretation/LanguageEnglish<>Russian Pair
German<>Russian Pair
French<>Russian Pair
Italian<>Russian Pair
Payment methodPlastic card
Wire transfer

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